It's the American dream--with a good work ethic, a unique idea, and a good dose of tenacity, each of us could one day build an empire.

What if you could do it before your 16th birthday?

Not possible. Kids these days, they're lazy and entitled. Well, say what you will about this latest generation, but it's producing some fantastically driven and motivated young entrepreneurs.

These five exceptional kids are kicking butt and making names for themselves in the business world. They're already millionaires and they're not even out of high school!

Pay attention to these savvy kid entrepreneurs. One of them--or another kid business wonder--might just be your boss one day.

Nick D'Aloisio, artificial intelligence prodigy, mades waves--and millions

Australian-born English programmer Nick D'Aloisio became one of the youngest self-made millionaires on the planet when Yahoo bought his company Summly for $30 million in 2013.

Named "Innovator of the Year" by the Wall Street Journal, D'Aloisio wrote his Summly mobile news summarization app in his parents' bedroom when he was just 15. At 17, he sold the company and went to work for Yahoo.

Yahoo News Digest is the direct evolution of Summly and D'Aloisio was on board to oversee its release.

Leanna Archer, CEO, Leanna's Hair, founded the Leanna Archer Education Foundation

At just 17 years old, Leanna Archer is a seasoned business veteran. She started her company at 9 years of age by bottling and selling her own hair pomade to family and friends.

Today, she's expanded to a full line of natural hair products, based on her Haitian great-grandmother's secret recipes. Archer's company does over $100,000 in annual revenue selling online to customers in 80 different countries and her net worth is pegged at over $3 million.

Not content to sit idly by running a successful business, Archer also founded the Leanna Archer Education Foundation after visiting Haiti in 2008. Her organization provides food, shelter, and education for 200 kids each day.

Robert Nay's Bubble Ball game made the 14-year-old creator millions

Most new mobile gaming apps get a few hundred downloads in the first weeks after launch. Fourteen-year-old Robert Nay's Bubble Ball app made him an overnight millionaire by earning over $2 million in the game's first two weeks.

Three years later, Nay's first game has been downloaded over 16 million times, making this young prodigy, now 17, a very successful entrepreneur indeed. He continues to develop games under his own brand, Nay Games.

Moziah Bridges built a bow tie empire

Moziah Bridges launched Mo's Bows at just 9 years old and has grown his business into a $150,000 a year empire.

Now 12 years old, Bridges has five employees and has been featured in Vogue and O magazine and on Shark Tank.

Next, he plans on building a full clothing line before his 20th birthday. You go, Mo!

Sanjay Kumaran and Shavran Kumaran, app developer wunderkinds

Sanjay Kumaran and his brother Shavran are CEO and president, respectively, of their own gaming corporation, GoDimensions. Shavran is 12 years old; his brother is 10.

Together, they've developed four apps for the Apple Store that have been downloaded over 10,000 times. Games like Catch Me Cop and Alphabet Board are free for kids, but monetized through ads within the app.

The brothers still attend Vaels Billabong High International School and have shared their love of computers and programming since early childhood.

Fear not for future generations! With movers and shakers like these kids finding their stride before hitting high school, there are even greater things to come in the worlds of business and entrepreneurship.

One day, you might even work for one of them.