Social media is constantly growing and evolving. 

So is the way we use it in business and as marketers.

Following blogs that discuss social media and social media marketing is a great way to stay up-to-date with these changes in how social media is being run and used so that you can utilize it in the most productive way.

I've compiled a list of the best social media blogs to be following in 2020 to help you keep your marketing strategies up-to-date in the new year. 

1. Inc.

Inc. is an entrepreneur-focused editorial-style social media blog with a heavy focus in business practices.

Despite their tendency to focus on topics involving people who want to start or grow their own businesses, they feature some great social media marketing advice.

Inc. includes a lot of columns from frequent guest posters that offer a wide range of backgrounds, expertise, and views, which means if you read their social media blog content, you'll get a lot out of it.

Inc. is a great place to learn new tips and tricks to use in your own social media marketing. 

2. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey's social media blog features tips and tutorials to help you learn how to use chatbots to increase your business's engagement, sales, and more.

Check out the comprehensive how-to's about different types of chatbots, from gift finding for the holidays to email capture on Facebook. 

Beyond the blog, you can learn about MobileMonkey, chatbots, and social media trends with MobileMonkey's help docs, chatbot university, or by attending an online marketing summit webinar. 

3. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is an entrepreneur, a consultant, and an overall marketing expert. 

Following his social media blog gives you insight into the mind of one of the top marketing professionals in the country. 

The best part about Neil's social media blog is that his helpful, relevant content is often published in video and podcast format, meaning you can learn visually or on the go. 

4. Search Engine Journal

If you're a lover of SEO practices, Search Engine Journal is the social media blog for you.

It's the go-to publication for those who want to be immediately up-to-date with any changes to social media platforms, how they work, or how they can be used in your marketing efforts. 

Search Engine Journal is consistently on top of the latest social media news, putting an SEO spin on most things, so you can learn how to best optimize your own content. 

5. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is the world's largest social media marketing resource, consistently publishing articles to help businesses best learn how to utilize social media to their benefit.

Aside from typical social media blog-style articles, Social Media Examiner features original research, expert interviews, and comprehensive training opportunities and other events. 

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is not simply a social media blog.

This company is very well-known for their extensive marketing software that assists you with your social media, content, and email marketing. 

HubSpot is no stranger to useful advice, either, as they use their software as a stepping stone to showcase their own content marketing efforts, helping other marketing professionals find some new and interesting ideas. 

Apart from their social media blog, they feature a number of white papers, guides, and other resources you can use to really step up your social media marketing game.

7. Social Media Today

Social Media Today offers explanations and details into a number of social media platforms, from Facebook to Pinterest.

The wide range of topics covered and backgrounds of writers makes this social media blog a great one-stop for all of your social media needs.

Learn about content creation and marketing, social media tools, and the best ways to combine and use them to your benefit. 

8. Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends is the go-to social media blog for small businesses to use to keep up-to-date with marketing news, tips, and advice.

The way small businesses utilize social media in their marketing and other business practices will vary from the way that large enterprises do.

Having a resource that is specifically designed to help small businesses succeed is incredibly useful, especially in a world of ever-evolving digital marketing tactics and strategies. 

9. Buffer

It's great when useful tools and successful companies like Buffer share the expertise and ideas in valuable social media blogs. 

Check out the Buffer blog for relevant, on-trend advice and tips for using social media marketing as well as comprehensive tutorials that will push your social media marketing to the next level.

10. Socially Sorted

Socially Sorted is a unique social media blog and information source that focuses heavily on visual content.

Visual content, especially video, is an underutilized and underrated form of content marketing, so keeping an eye on the Socially Sorted blog is a great move for marketers who want to expand their expertise and stand out.

Check out this social media blog for tips, advice, and tutorials on using more visual content in your social media marketing.

And of course, in addition to written content, there are a number of video tutorials to tune in to.

11. Sprout Social

When you want to make sure you're getting solid advice, turn to Sprout Social.

This blog is packed full with useful advice, tips, tutorials, and more, but it is not simply recapitulated information.

Sprout Social puts real effort into researching the topics they post about, ensuring a comprehensive and valid piece to help you learn more.

12. RazorSocial

RazorSocial features a social media blog specific to their B2B audience. 

But don't be fooled, it's not only a social media blog; RazorSocial features tips, tricks, advice, and more regarding all areas of digital marketing. 

Check out this useful resource for easy-to-read listicles that will spark ideas or in-depth tutorials for using specific tools and tactics in your B2B marketing. 

13. Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice is an entrepreneur and social media professional that does speaking, consulting, and training. 

Check out her social media blog for trendy social media tips and tricks as well as tutorials that help businesses create actionable plans that will drive results. 

Rebekah Radice also highlights other useful resources on her social media blog, such as books, tools, and more.

14. Search Engine Land

The Search Engine Land social media blog features a slew of useful tips and advice on using social media.

It also provides a lot of longform articles in a tutorial style that will help you as a marketer to learn how to use specific features of social media platforms in your work.

15. Marketing Land

As an offshoot of Search Engine Land, Marketing Land publishes daily content about a vast range of marketing topics. 

Check out their social media blog section to read breaking news about changes to social media platforms, industry trends in social media marketing, and upcoming feature announcements.

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