Some of the world's biggest brands have earned a reputation among job seekers as the best places to work on the planet. It might be their benefits, the work environment, room to grow within the company or other, less tangible factors, but LinkedIn's ranking of the world's most desirable employers lists the most sought after companies on the planet for potential employees.

Unsurprisingly, these super-desirable companies are overwhelmingly large operations; 85% of those on the list have 5,000 employees or more. The top three smaller companies on the list are still fairly high profile: the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Airbnb and Netflix each ranked as one of the 100 most desirable companies with less than 2,000 employees each.

The Top 3 on the list seem to have protected their reputation as awesome places to work and remain unchanged since LinkedIn compiled their list for 2012.

So where is it that people want to work most?

  1. Google retains its top spot as the most desirable employer on the planet, with over 50,000 employees associated with the brand on LinkedIn (the metric by which LinkedIn calculated employee numbers for all brands on the list). Given the rate at which Google continues to grow and swallow up other companies, the opportunity to work your way into a position here is good, if you have the right skills.
  2. Apple is headquartered in Cupertino and boasts over 83,000 employees, which isn't surprising given that they have retail operations, as well.
  3. Unilever, with its 60,000+ employees, is still the third most desirable employer on the planet. FMCG, consumer products and trade marketing are among the top skills associated with the brand, if you're interested.
  4. Microsoft must be doing something right, seeing as they moved up one position in the rankings this year, to fourth. They're also one of the largest employers on the list, with 115,000 employees; only Oracle, IBM, Accenture and Deloitte have larger workforces.
  5. Facebook rounds out the top five. Tech companies are among the most sought after places to work on the planet right now, accounting for four of the top five. With just 7,000 employees, Facebook is dwarfed in size by the rest of the top five, but what they lack in size they make up for with ingenuity and creativity.

Amazon, Proctor & Gamble, GE, Nestle S.A. and PepsiCo make up the rest of the top ten most desirable employers worldwide. Of the top 100 employers, just 63 have are headquartered in the United States.

LinkedIn analyzed over ten million data points between their members and companies. They compared that data with the results of surveys of thousands of members to determine a company's familiarity and engagement scores. Their analysis also weighted member actions like viewing employee profiles, visiting Company Pages and choosing to follow Companies on LinkedIn.

It's not an exact science, but it's an interesting look into the desirability of different workplaces. The competition to get into the most attractive companies is stiff, so bring your A game!

Check out LinkedIn's interactive World's 100 Most InDemand Employers resource here.