Facebook and Twitter might soon launch video advertisements, according to two separate reports.  

According to Ad Age, Facebook will debut online video advertisements this summer.

Ad Age continued: "While the format of the units isn't totally nailed down, it's widely assumed that they'll be autoplay and presented in a video player that expands beyond the main news-feed real estate to cover the right- and left-hand rails of users' screens on the desktop version of Facebook." In other words, users might not have a choice whether or not they see the ads.

Facebook will reportedly sell four daily slots, each covering a large demographic: women over 30; women under 30; men over 30; men under 30.  And the company wants a staggering $1 million commitment from advertisers. 

According to a report in Bloomberg, Twitter plans to enter the video ad game as well (which isn’t surprising in light of the fact that the social media company acquired Bluefin Labs back in February.)

The outlet reported that the company is in negotiations with Viacom about hosting TV clips and selling advertising on the site. Additionally, the company is reportedly talking with Comcast Corp and NBC Universal about possible content partnerships.

Bloomberg went on to quote a source, who explained “the partnership would let Twitter stream videos on its site and split the resulting ad revenue with the networks.”

Last June, according to a 2012 Neilsen report, a third of active Twitter users tweeted about something they watched on television.

Facebook and Twitter did not comment on the news. 



Apr 16, 2013