We're down to the last few days--scrambling to do our holiday shopping. If you are like me, most of your friends and family have everything and you feel at a loss for a gift that really makes an impact. Here's an idea: give a gift that will help them improve their performance at work. I mean, when you think about it, you spend most of your time working. A gift that can help with productivity, performance and joy at work seems like the ideal solution. Here are 10 that could be game changers for the receiver:

1. Business Coach and Consulting: check out Mentors Guild or Garnett Consulting, getting one on one support is a game-changer for performance.

2. Classes Online: gift someone classes on any subject at Udemy. Taking classes can help improve your knowledge on just about anything.

3. Sunlight for Winter Blues: having seasonal depression can affect performance--this sunlight lamp is a best seller!

4. Send them Dancing: 5Rhythms or Ecstatic Dance. Dancing is a stress reliever and effective way to tap into your intuition, which helps with critical decision-making.

5. Meditation for Focus and Mindset: Deepak and Oprah's 21-day Meditation Challenge, or a cool app that makes mediation easy and social: Lucent

6. Workout Videos: T25--I love this workout that you can do anywhere. It's a fantastic energy booster!

7. Supplies for Painting: go to Michaels or Utrecht or any local art store. Painting is a great mind relaxer and creativity catalyst. Set someone up with an easel, brushes, canvas and any kind of paint or pastels.

9. Hire a Personal Chef: go to Thumbtack and enter personal chef. Within minutes you will get a list of personal chefs in your area sending you proposals. Eating healthy meals boosts mental ability and energy.

10. Hire a Personal Assistant: go to Thumbtack again and enter personal assistant. Having a personal assistant can help any harried entrepreneur save time and boost productivity.

Try something different and give someone a gift that will have an impact all year long.