Tax season has come and gone, and if you played your cards right, you're looking at a nice tax refund coming your way pretty soon. Congratulations!

Many people see a tax refund as a happily unexpected gift from Uncle Sam, and treat it as such. Tax refunds often go towards exciting vacation getaways and shopping sprees.

But instead of putting that hard-earned cash towards fleeting pleasures, you might want to invest it in your long-term happiness and fulfillment. With the average American spending over 90,000 hours on the job in their lifetime, it might actually make more sense to focus your efforts--and finances--towards making your career the absolute best it can be.

Here are 10 ways to spend your tax refund to uplevel your career:

1. Hire a career strategist to help you make the right moves in your career.

They can identify what work truly puts you in the zone and help you develop an in-depth plan to go after the career of your dreams.

2. Get a virtual assistant.

Do you often feel bogged down with tasks that take you away from work you truly love? Free up more time and creativity by connecting with a virtual assistant or an artificial intelligence assistant tool.

3. Sign up for a course.

What skill would help you reach new heights in you career, or stand out in the job market? Go for it. Sign up for a local university's marketing course, or browse the amazing variety of courses online at places like Udemy or SkilledUp.

4. Join an online community.

Communities provide members with tons of resources, support and inspiration. This is the magic of people coming together out of a common passion. Find the right community for you, and jump in!

5. Get an astrological chart reading.

An astrology reading can help bring clarity, confidence and a sense of alignment to your life and work.

6. Sign up for a gym membership.

It is well-known that exercise can help you reach peak performance at work. Don't let your physical health keep you from achieving your career dreams.

7. Pay off debt.

This may not be the most exciting option for spending your refund, but the payoff will be great. You will save on the interest you would have spent, and you won't have finances get in the way of pursuing what you truly love in the future.

8. Buy books that will fuel your passion.

Stock up on a bunch of great reads that are related to your industry and career interests. Whenever you are bored, reach for the books--not your phone, or anything else that only keeps you from moving forward.

9. Register for a big industry conference--the one you've always wanted to go to.

This investment will help drive your passion and connect you to great people. You'll leave the conference with so many ideas to advance your expertise and your career.

10. Save it for a big move.

You may be working towards a big career move, but you're just not there yet. Save your tax refund for when you're ready to make the leap. Don't let finances keep you from quitting your job in pursuit of something greater.