Female entrepreneurs are no strangers to hard work, opportunities, failures, dedication, sleepless nights, and the list goes on and on. To achieve success, women don't need to have a light bulb idea or even excess funding. The key to conquering your business goals and dreams comes down to something you spend time with every day...confidence.

According to Katy Kay and Claire Shipman, there is a confidence gap between men and women. Women underestimate their performance and men overestimate their performance when in reality they are about the same. Which means that women need to be more cognizant of building their confidence in order to achieve their goals.

This starts with being more mindful, which is all about being aware of the internal messages that you are telling yourself. These are the building blocks of confidence, or lack thereof. Often, we aren't aware of how much we are contributing to our own lack of confidence. When it comes to building a business and being an entrepreneur, doubting yourself and second-guessing your abilities will only hurt your ability to succeed. So often, women feel they're not doing enough, and drown themselves in negative self-talk as a result.

Here are 3 mantras that will create a mindset shift and help you feel more confident, and ultimately more productive. Write down or print out these statements and say them as often as you can daily to yourself -- especially when things aren't going your way:

1.   I appreciate and value who I am

2.   When I am challenged and fulfilled, I am unstoppable

3.   My opinions and thoughts are important to share

You should start to feel lighter, more energized and more confident the more you believe these statements versus being at the mercy of the negative messages that are in your head. Create others if these don't work for you. The key is that you believe in them, and that you own them.