Can love and the support that love brings to one's life help you be more successful in your career? The resounding answer is yes.

However, few are truly leveraging the power that love can bring to their personal and career success. Love is something that is too often taken for granted. When we've experienced the support of a loved one for a long time, we get used to it. We stop seeing the great benefits that it can bring, and so we stop tapping in to the energy and momentum that love can bring to our work.

In honor of the season of love, let's look at how cultivating love and nurturing love in your life, could be one of the best things you do for your career

1. Being in love helps you face your fears.

It is well known that high achievers are great at stepping outside their comfort zone and frequently facing their fears. Doing these things is so much easier when you have someone who loves you and is willing to help you throughout the process. A loved one knows you well: they know what you're afraid of, how to calm you down, and how to support you in getting back up and being ready to take on anything that's in your path. Knowing someone has your back no matter what happens in your professional life is a huge key for pushing the boundaries of possibility.

2. Being in love provides an opportunity to grow in a positive way.

If you are in a healthy, thriving relationship, then your partner is providing meaningful support. They are accepting you for who you are, and you are doing that in return. Part of being a good partner means focusing on positive growth and striving to be your best self. This process of working on being your best self in your relationship enhances your ability to be confident and great at work. In fact, the work you do on being great at love will make you a better leader in the workplace.

3. Being in love can reduce your stress, which impacts your performance.

When your partner helps pick up the slack at home and is there for you emotionally, the impact is significant. It frees up headspace and reduces stress. Also, physical intimacy produces a calming effect physiologically. Oxytocin released during sex puts you in a peak state for creativity and can re-energize you for work the next day. Physical touch, in the form of hugs and holding hands, has been shown to reduce cortisol, lowering stress and strengthening your immune system.

Love and support are essential for success. Whether it's from a group, specific mentors, a coach, your life partner, a friend or a combination of them all (which I believe is the real secret sauce)--you need it in your life.

At the end of the day, is cultivating love important to you? If you have someone, think again about the value you have at your fingertips. If you don't, go out and find it. True love and support will help you maximize your health, your life and your career.