The end of the year is here! With only a few short weeks before the next year starts, it's a great time to take stock of what went well in 2018 and what change you want to make for the new year. Here are 30 questions that will help you gain the clarity you need to make 2019 the best year yet!

1.      What was the best part of 2018?

2.      What was the worst part?

3.      What areas of your life are working well?

4.      What areas of your life are suffering?

5.      What did you learn this past year?

6.      How did this shift your perspective about life in general?

7.      What is your definition of success?

8.      Have you achieved this thus far?

9.      If not, what needs to change in your life in order for you to create your own version of success?

10.  Are you happy at work?

11.  Do you feel challenged by the thinking and problem solving that you're most often doing at work?

12.  Do you feel that you're making an impact on others at work that is meaningful to you?

13.  Do you feel confident about yourself and your contribution at work?

14.  Do you believe in your ability to grow and learn at all times?

15.  Do you face failures with curiosity?

16.  Do you think you're resilient?

17.  What have been your biggest failures in 2018 and what have you learned from them?

18.  Based on your answers from numbers 10-17, what behaviors do you think you need to build in order to improve your performance at work for next year?

19.  Which relationships deepened this past year?

20.  Which relationships shifted or ended?

21.  What was the reason for the deepening or the erosion of some of your closest relationships?

22.  What changes in yourself can you make to be a better friend to those that matter most?

23.  How would you describe your marriage or long-term relationship?

24.  How could you improve in how you engage with your partner?

25.  If you're single and dating, how have you been showing up to potential partners?

26.  If you're single and not dating, how would you describe your relationship to yourself?

27.  What would you want to change when it comes to how you engage with your partner and yourself?

28.  What is the most important area of focus for 2019?

29.  What is a theme or word that you could choose that would keep you focused and excited about the year ahead?

30.  Create a vision statement about what the year ahead could look like for you in order to feel like you're moving forward in life in a way that is meaningful for you.