Fear: it's a reality we all share. No matter who you are, fear is a part of being human. But what divides us is how we each choose to manage our fear. Those that fall mercy to their fears are held back from their potential, while those that chose to overcome fear are more likely to achieve their dreams.

If you want to achieve your dreams and goals, learning to manage your fear is an essential habit to learn and practice.

First, it's important to remember that fear is an anatomical experience. When you feel fear, your brain shuts down. It hijacks you from your rational mind, and in that moment you aren't able to problem solve as effectively as when you are calm. You have to recognize when this happens and have a strategy to move through it.

Here are four steps you can use today to move through your next fearful moment:


1. Identify the trigger that is causing the on-going fear: Every time you experience that "amygdala hijack," write down what is causing it. Get to the root of your fear. It may be something as simple as, "I didn't achieve a goal I set." What is the specific trigger that time and again that sends you down the rabbit hole of fear?

2. Slow Down: Do something to slow your response system down and re-gain your rational mind. For me, this means dancing, meditating, or going for a walk. Find something that works for you.

3. Ask Questions: Is this fear rational? What is the worst-case scenario? What are some key actions that you could take if it were the worst case? Has this happened in the past? If so, how did you solve it? Is there substantial evidence that the worst case scenario is likely to occur? Do you trust that you are capable of overcoming that?

4. Move to Action: Action helps you get the data you need to move through your fear. Take notes of all the realities and accomplishments that prove that your fears are just in your head. In the midst of the action, remember all the evidence of your capabilities. Action helps you move through the unknown.

Experiencing fear is not going to go away. Nobody is immune to it, despite what you may see on social media. Once you accept that it's going to be there, you can begin to see it as an indication that you are pushing your comfort zone and that you are growing. It tells you when you pushing the boundaries of possibility. Just make sure that it's possibility you're pushing and not danger. I trust you can tell the difference.