Success. We all want it.  But how do we achieve lasting success that actually makes us feel fulfilled instead of burnt-out? Below are five key principles guaranteed to help you reach the kind of success that leaves you challenged, fulfilled, motivated and confident.


Your genius involves the kind of thinking and problem solving that keeps you in your sweet spot of challenge, meaning you're challenged in the best way possible. Ask yourself, "When are you in the zone?" Pay attention to those moments and identify the type of thinking that you're doing when you're in the zone. By identifying this, you can learn how to seek out the kind of work that is energizing and presents just the right amount of challenge. Once you nurture your genius, you can become exceptional at it and use it to build a career that moves you. Learn more about defining your Genius.


Purpose is often overlooked when thinking about success. Typically, if you feel purposeful in your job, it's considered lucky rather than a key to success. But identifying your purpose, specifically the impact you have on clients and colleagues that is meaningful to you, is a powerful tool for navigating career momentum and being successful. Think about it: If you know your purpose then you know what kind of work is fulfilling to you. If your purpose is saving the planet, you can excel in finding opportunities for business owners to be greener or incorporate more wellness practices into their corporation. You'll also learn who to connect with and enrich those relationships to achieve career momentum. Adam Grant's research proved that just understanding the impact of your work improves performance. Hear more from Adam Grant here.


How often have you thought you were happy at work, but truthfully were just an achievement junkie - addicted to that dopamine rush any time you achieved a goal or received validation? If this is you, you're missing out on the energizing sense of enjoyment that comes from the process of your work, not just in achieving goals. Also, when achievements are your only source of joy, you must achieve, achieve, achieve - which causes exhaustion and burnout. Enjoying the process of your work just as much as achievements brings more happiness to your job, which according to Shawn Achor is not just nice to have, but essential to better performance. Check out Shawn Achor's talk on happiness.

Growth Mindset

A key driver of success is being mindful of what's driving your efforts. According to Eduardo Briceńo, most people are operating in a performance zone rather than a learning zone which actually hinders performance. When you start thinking that you can always improve, you become more empowered and more motivated to tackle hurdles. Carol Dweck calls this a Growth Mindset and says that when you realize your skills aren't static you're more likely to achieve the success you desire. Here's more from Eduardo Briceńo.


One word exemplifies perseverance more than any other; Grit. Angela Duckworth defines Grit as the combination of passion and perseverance for achieving long-term goals. In other words, never giving up. What's more important than IQ is your power to believe in your own abilities despite setbacks and never giving up. Watch Angela Duckworth define Grit.