Having a Chief People Officer is all the rage nowadays in the workplace. The Chief People Officer isn't your typical human resources manager. He or she is responsible for a company's culture--creating an environment in which employees are engaged with the company mission and can thrive in their careers. As the title suggests, their job is all about the people, and forward-thinking companies and CEOs are sure to make room in the c-suite for this new addition.


But maybe your company hasn't quite jumped on the bandwagon. No worries. You can still create an improved workplace for yourself and your co-workers. Here are 5 ways to take the lead and impact your company culture positively, yourself.


1. Approach the workplace with a people-centered point of view.

This strategy is based on the premise that if employees are happy and engaged, the customer will benefit as a result. When you focus on creating a comfortable, happy, and positively challenging workplace for yourself and those around you, work won't just feel like work. Supporting a people-first culture signals to everyone else that you and your co-workers matter and should be prioritized.


2. Conduct your own performance reviews.

Performance management shouldn't just be left to your HR director, and it's not something that should be done only once or twice a year. It's the number one habit you should be building into your weekly work routine if you want to experience joy, fulfillment, and amazing results at work.

By analyzing your current individual performance and then proactively using that data to think strategically about your impact and future approach to work, your potential will skyrocket. Use these guidelines to start proactively managing your performance today.


3. Align your personal mission with the company's mission.

Take a moment to write down your company's mission and vision. You might find this on their website if you don't know if by heart. Then, write down your own mission and vision in life--what do you ultimately want to achieve? What do you wish to be your impact in the world?

Once you've done this, see how you can connect your goals with those of your company. This will foster a deeper connection to the company and to the impact you want to make. Your daily work will suddenly become more gratifying, because it will be related to your own personal story.


4. Focus on projects that leverage your zone of genius.
When you are able to recognize your zone of genius (what challenges you and what fulfills you) and identify the right projects that optimally take advantage of your genius, you will not only experience more moments of peak performance but also bea great role model to others wanting to be more productive and happy at work. When you signal how self-aware you are of your own purpose and optimal ways of performing, others will be inspired to do the same.

5. Encourage others to tap into their unique genius as well.

Just imagine the results and fulfillment your entire workplace will experience once everyone recognizes their own genius. This isn't just about understanding what each person is good at; it's about understanding their unique approach to work and what they need to feel fired up and totally engaged.

Pay attention to your co-workers. Note the kind of thinking or problems that they gravitate towards, especially during the moments when they seem to be the most engaged. Talk to them about these moments and do everything in your power to create more opportunities for people to do the work they love. Everyone will benefit.