Summer has officially started, and just with the start of any new season we are feeling a burst of energy to make big things happen. You might be traveling to new places, finally digging into a personal project, or just getting outside as much as possible.

While summer is often seen as a slump season for work, I believe it is the perfect time to make those long-desired moves in your career. In fact, by the end of the summer, you might just find yourself in your dream job. Here's how.


6 Things to Do If You Want Your Dream Job By The End of Summer


1. Start considering yourself a leader.

When it comes to finding your dream job, it is important to remember that you are in charge of your own career. When you are able to get into the leadership mindset, taking action will come much more naturally for you. Leverage that newfound leadership confidence to steer the ship of your career, whether you're in the office or looking for a new job.


2. Step away from your family and friends. You'll get better feedback.

No doubt, your family and friends love you and want you to succeed. But they are not able to give objective feedback, and this is natural. Often they have their own ideas of what success for you looks like, or they will not like a particular decision you make for reasons unrelated to your career growth. Focus on finding mentors, coaches, and other people who can offer more objective, clear guidance on how to progress with your career.


3. Get a handle on your finances.

This one might sound unrelated to getting your dream job, but it is an important step. Take some time to assess your finances: your income, savings, spending habits, and ideal money situation. Getting clear on what your must-haves for salary and benefits are--and being able to back up that reasoning--will help you move quickly when new job opportunities come up. Don't let the details get in the way of swift decision-making.


4. Get clear on your career vision--and communicate it.

When you have a clear career vision, it is easy to see where you want to go as well as where you don't want to go. Just like understanding your finances, getting clear on your career vision will help you make great decisions and moves that you won't regret or feel pressured to make. The best way to develop your career vision is to understand your zone of genius--the area of work in which you thrive--and see how that manifests in the industry or industries you love.


5. Identify the company culture you seek.

It is a very real possibility that you achieve your dream job, but it's in the wrong work culture--and that can be a nightmare. We all need to be in great environments to do optimal work, so take note of the cultural situations that foster great work moments as well as the ones that hold you back from achieving your full potential. Know your cultural necessities, and be prepared to leave if it's not a right fit or if you just can't shift the culture.
6. Manage your performance.
Stop waiting for annual reviews to get a bird's-eye view of your career performance, strengths, and weaknesses. The best way to find and stay in work you love is to manage your performance on a continuous basis.