Automation is on the rise and its prevalence will shift the workplace. Rather than taking jobs away, The McKinsey Global Institute reports in its research document "Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained", that it will create almost as many jobs as it removes.

In fact, they predict that "for nearly all occupations, automation will change the mix of activities that humans perform." They go on further to say, "with automation, such shifts may become more pronounced, although the specifics will vary by country. In Germany, workers of the future will likely spend more time on activities that require applying expertise interacting with and managing people and less time on predictable physical activities like collecting data and processing data where machines already exceed human performance." What this means is that we, as a society, will need to improve our emotional intelligence and learn the behavior habits that allow for us to be our best selves at work.

McKinsey's report is just the tip of the iceberg. Stanford University's Graduate School of Business recently published the "Psychology of Kindness in the Workplace" which explains that a culture of caring and compassion is necessary for work. If work is changing, how do you prepare yourself? How do you start to improve your own self-awareness, which is a precursor for being kinder and more collaborative with others? Here are 3 actions you can start today so that you will be ahead of the curve.

Get Self-Aware

While self-awareness seems easy, it actually requires work. It requires hiring a therapist or a coach to help you see yourself more realistically. It's also being vulnerable with others and asking for feedback and being curious - not defensive about what they have to say. You live with yourself every day, but you're never on the receiving end of your behavior. Building self-aware allows you to see yourself, and how you treat others more clearly.

Stop comparing

Competition breeds comparison, and comparing yourself to others will only lead you further away from yourself. Usually, you start comparing yourself when you don't feel confident about your own value. One way that you can start owning your value is to uncover your own Genius. Your Genius is the thinking or problem solving that you're best at. It's your super-power. Start paying attention to the problems you enjoy solving and gets you in the zone. Own that Genius and value it. Once you start to value yourself more, you will naturally stop comparing yourself to others. When you are comparing, that is a sign that something isn't right within yourself and your own situation. Look within versus looking outside.

Get Curious

Curiosity allows your mind to be open. When it comes to having a high EQ and working well with others, you must be curious. The opposite of curious is close-minded or being judgmental. These negative states will prevent you from being able to work well with others and to find common ground with anyone. Curiosity is one of the most important traits to build for the future of work. Also, when your curious, you learn, which is absolutely essential for any kind of true success.