Habits are sometimes conscious - like when you decide you're going to work out more, and then a year later you have a consistent routine. Or you drink coffee every morning because you love it and just can't help yourself. When it comes to our work lives, there are many subconscious habits we don't realize may be helping or hindering our chances of success. Just like working out, these habits are worth developing in order to progress in your career. Take this quick quiz to see if you're helping or hindering your current success trajectory at work with your habits:

Answer yes or no to the following questions

1.      When you have negative thoughts about yourself and your values, you believe them.

2.      When you think of a unique idea, you withhold sharing it or pro-actively executing on it because you're scared that it may not be as great as you think.

3.      When you ask for advice from others, you do what they say even if it doesn't feel right because they have more experience and success.

4.      When you have a feeling that work is too hard or you can't seem to succeed in your job, you think it's because you're not good enough.

5.      When your manager tells you that you need to build a skill that is aligned with a weakness you have - you believe you need to do it because work is work and you should be grateful for a job. 

6.      Throughout the day you actively reverse your negative thoughts and create positive ones that put you in a positive state.

7.      When you get bored at work, you notice it and realize that you need to find work that is more challenging rather than thinking that there is a problem with yourself.

8.      When you're faced with a work culture that isn't ideal and a job that isn't a great fit, you begin the process of finding a new job easily - you don't let fear let you stay put because you know you can add value at a place that is a better fit.

9.      When a manager tells you that you aren't succeeding, you see this as a sign that it's not a right fit rather than thinking that you're not good enough.

10.  When faced with failure, you see it as an opportunity for growth and learning, rather than as a sign that you're not good enough.

Count the number of yes's in the first 5 questions and then count the number of yes's in the second 5 questions.

If you got more than 3 yes's in the first 5 questions:

Your bad habits at work are hindering your success. Your lack of belief in yourself and your low confidence is preventing you from making the changes needed in order to continually propel your career in the right direction. You need to know yourself, believe you're capable and most importantly leave jobs that aren't right and say no to advice that doesn't fit you and your needs. Once you begin to see these bad habits as a success hindrance, the first step is to take the time to know yourself. Value who you are and begin to build the habit of strengthening your confidence muscle. The reality is that success is for everyone, you just need the positive habits to get you there. 

If you got more than 3 yes's in the second 5 questions:

Congrats! Your habits are helping your success at work. Your confidence, knowledge of who you are, belief in yourself and most importantly, having habits of re-wiring your negative beliefs into more positive ones, means success will be a given for you. Keep up the great work!