We all want to be successful yet few are super successful. Why? Because more often than not, we lose sight of who we are and we fall into the trap of trying to fit a mold that isn't right for us. Those that are super successful know their strengths, use them, and aren't afraid to follow their instincts. Want to join them? Ask yourself these three questions to make sure you're not losing sight of your most important success ingredient; you.

1) Are you relying on other people to make your career decisions? In my experience, more career decisions are made based on what others think rather than what is right for you. Your goal should be to find people who can offer support, not advice. Advice is often recommendations based on what has worked for others, support, on the other hand, is custom tailored suggestions based on who you are. Remember, that the answers to most career questions are often found by looking within, but if you need to go elsewhere, make sure you're getting support.

2) Are you in a job that isn't the right fit? Most people that are unhappy with work are really in jobs that aren't the right fit. We more readily believe that we need to fit ourselves into jobs rather than the other way around. But in order to do that, you have to be willing to say no to jobs that aren't the right fit, even when the salary, benefits, and commute is perfect. You also need to take action if you're in that situation. Rather than looking to blame things you can't control, look at the kind of thinking you're doing day-to-day. Is this thinking keeping you challenged? If not, then it may be time for a change. The longer you're in a job that isn't right for you, the less likely you will ever be as successful as you want.

3) Do you believe in yourself? Do you have the confidence to look at adversity as opportunity and in the face of failure believe in yourself? That is one of the keys to creating major success according to Carol Dweck and Angela Duckworth. Having a growth mindset -- which means you look at everything as an opportunity to grow -- and Grit - never giving up -- will help you weather all of the ups and downs that come with navigating a successful career. Not believing in yourself is a sign that you need to start building your confidence if you want to achieve great things.

These questions seem simple enough, but they provide major insight into how you work. Usually, the things that prevent us from being who we want to be and achieving the success we want boil down to staying connected to our authentic selves.