As we get closer to the end of 2014, it's natural to start thinking about what changes we want to make for the new year. One of the biggest is doing something differently in your job. After all, we spend more time working than doing just about anything.

As an entrepreneur, this could mean changing how you spend your time. Or if you work in a small business, maybe it's time to explore a new role or double down on a job you already love. Either way, it's good to occasionally take stock and make sure you're clear on where you stand--and no better time than the eve of a new year.

So how do you really feel about your work?

Is it a resounding love and passion for what you're doing? Is it lukewarm or teetering between like and hate? To find a well-thought-out answer to this seemingly simple question, take this quiz as you close out 2014. Tally up the number of times you say "yes"--the results should help you approach your position with newfound clarity as 2015 rolls around.

1. Do you enjoy Monday mornings?

2. Are you challenged on a weekly basis?

3. Do you get excited to share what you do with others?

4. Is vacation a nice break, but not something you think about all the time?

5. Do you have the freedom to schedule your work day in a way that works for you?

6. Do you have a sense of fulfillment on a weekly basis?

7. Do you love the people you work with or have people to collaborate with when needed?

8. Do you feel inspired by how you impact others?

9. You don't spend your time dreaming of doing something else often.

10. Do you feel like you are using your talent to its true potential?

If you said "yes":

7-10 times: You love your job. You may have an occasional day where you feel less energized--as we all do--but overall you are in the job you should be in because you feel fulfilled and energized by your work. Stay the course in 2015 and celebrate the fact that you have taken the initiative to create the kind of work experience most people dream about.

4-6 times: You like your job. You are teetering on the brink of loving your work, but you aren't quite there yet. There are some key pieces missing that you know could be better. Maybe you don't quite believe you deserve to love your job or you have fear of leaving something that seems secure. Think about the fact that loving your work day-to-day will change your level of stress and provide a sense of fulfillment that makes up for any risk you may feel is associated with leaving your current situation. 2015 is a great time to research how you could make the move to edge up your experience from good to great.

0-3 times: You probably hate your job. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, as it's no fun to feel a sense of dread for your work. You probably are doing work that is not aligned with your talent and is not providing any real fulfillment. Maybe it's paying well or maybe you feel like you can't find work that will provide the passion you feel has slipped through the cracks. But doing a job overhaul is a great thing to focus on for 2015. Get some support if you feel you need some, or start having exploratory conversations with people that are doing work that inspires you. Life is too short to be hating what you spend so much of your time doing day in and day out.