We all want to be happier, healthier, and more productive, but too often we put off making changes because we don't know how to easily incorporate new habits into our existing routines.

Think about what you want out of your life right now. What problem do you want to solve? Do you want to meditate? Be more positive? Get more done? Practice gratitude?

Whatever it is you want to do, there's likely an app to help you do it. By using a tool that you already have - your smartphone - you can incorporate little changes into your routine to help you achieve your goals.

Ready to start making changes? I've rounded up a few of the most popular apps below to get you going.

I want to clear my head.

I've written about the many benefits that come with meditation before, but I know it takes more than reading about meditation to get started. If you need an extra push, check out Headspace, Calm, or Mindfulness Daily. These apps will help you learn to meditate, sleep better, and clear your head in no time.

I want to be more productive.

Just because it's getting warmer doesn't mean it's time to slack off! By downloading apps like Trello, Evernote, or Todoist, you'll never fall behind on your to-do lists again. These apps are designed to help you take control of your tasks, which means they're here to help you manage all of your projects, save inspirational notes, and organize your work. If you need to get more organized and spend less time getting ready to work, these are just a few of the apps out there that can help you do just that.

I want to feel more positive.

If your phone is a major source of anxiety or stress, you might be a little wary of an app that claims to help reduce those things. But since you have to be on your phone for your work and life anyway, it can't hurt to download a few apps that don't involve emails or projects or to-do lists. Apps like Springpop will bring motivational quotes straight to you, while Happify will provide you with science-based happiness games and activities.

I want to be more grateful.

There is endless research pointing to the benefits of gratitude. Science shows that being grateful can help us enhance our empathy, reduce our aggression, improve our sleep and self-esteem, and even open the door to more relationships.

If you want to be more aware of the good things happening around you, download an app that will let you record the little things. Apps like Day One Journal are designed to encourage you to write more - which will help you build the habit - while Momento gives you a place to embrace your curiosity and store your meaningful experiences.

Whatever your personal development goals are, there's most likely an app out there that will help you achieve them. So download a few that sound good to you and set yourself up for a better life now.