The holidays are in full swing, and with it comes gift giving, being close to the ones you love, possible vacations...and the ever-popular holiday party. For some these can be really fun, but for others they can bring on the anxiety. In fact, according to a survey of 2,000 Americans from FourLoko, 54% of Americans dread going to their holiday party. Not only that, but one of the top three enjoyable aspects of the party is small talk. 

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, it's inevitable that you'll be doing your fair share of mingling this holiday season. So why not be prepared? Below are 20 questions you can bring into the mix to help stave off the boring chatter and make the most of your gathering.

1.      What does the holiday mean to you?

2.      Do you get into the holiday spirit?

3.      What is your favorite part of this time of the year?

4.      Have you thought of a theme for 2019?

5.      What was the most memorable part of 2018?

6.      What do you want to forget about 2018?

7.      What do you think is the best gift you could give to someone else?

8.      How would you describe your job experience in 2018 in one word?

9.      What do you hope for more of in 2019?

10.  What is one of your biggest goals for 2019?

11.  What is one holiday tradition that you love?

12.  What is a holiday tradition that you hate and why?

13.  Do you think the holidays are too materialistic?

14.  What is the most creative gift that you have ever received or given?

15.  What are the most useful products in your life right now?

16.  In your opinion, what brands are adding the most value to our society?

17.  How do you think Social Media is affecting the holiday experience?

18.  Do you turn your phone off for the holidays or use it more often?

19.  How do you think technology can elevate our humanity?

20.  Do you have a holiday family tradition that you look forward to the most?