Goals are something that almost everyone should create, especially when it comes to operating in the business world.

But how you set, track and achieve goals is often fraught with discrepancies. It turns out, if you do set goals, track them and get feedback on them, your performance improves. While attending the Betterworks Goal Summit in San Francisco this month, I learned the art of setting goals with the OKR method: Objectives and Key Results.

Here is how to set the perfect goal:

  1. The more ambitious the goal, the more likely you are to maximize your potential, even of you don't hit the goal.
  2. Set the goal, execute and then re-visit the goal. Things change and circumstances evolve, so make sure your goals adjust accordingly.
  3. Communicate with your team, your manager or your colleagues about your progress and ask for their feedback. Getting feedback on your progress helps with course-correction, and it also contributes to your ability to measure your progress, which is a key component to being able to achieve what you set out to do.
  4. Revisit your goals frequently or create new ones at least four times a year. Figure out what frequency works best for you, but make sure the frequency reflects the pace of change and evolution of your environment. Our world is changing rapidly, so think about re-visiting your goals quarterly or, even better, once a month.
  5. Be ready to initiate and have difficult conversations--these things might need to happen in order to achieve your goal. Communication around challenges, roadblocks or wins are essential to helping both individuals and teams progress positively towards their goals.
  6. Find a goal-setting tool that not only helps you with the process, but also allows you to see and share goals throughout your organization effortlessly. Knowing what your other team members or leaders are focused on can help you prioritize your own efforts and goal setting. Using a tool also facilitates one of the benchmarks of a great culture: transparency. Check out Betterworks--they are changing the game when it comes to helping the best organizations achieve their goals.

Goal-setting seems like a no-brainer. However, just like anything related to optimal performance, if you aren't disciplined, focused and committed to a process, it's likely that you will struggle to go far. Setting goals can be a powerful tool to achieving great results and optimizing your potential, but at the end of the day achieving a goal boils down to you.