We all want to do a job we love, but many of us are unfortunately stuck in jobs that just aren't right. And what's more, some people aren't even aware of the fact that their job isn't the one for them!

If you're not sure if you're in the role that allows you to exercise your genius and fulfill your purpose, embrace your sense of curiosity and take this quiz.

Answer YES or NO to the following questions.

1. When you get constructive feedback, does it often require you to work on something that doesn't feel like you?

2. Do the people who are moving up the ladder quickly have a vastly different skillset than you?

3. Do you often feel insecure and not good enough because no matter how hard you work you still can't seem to meet expectations?

4. Does becoming the company's version of a superstar employee seem impossible?

5. Does work mostly feel like work with there only being a few moments when you're in the zone and feeling on fire?

6. Does your manager not seem to "get you"?

7. Instead of leaving or realizing the job isn't the right fit, have you found yourself looking to blame your manager and your company for not treating you well?

8. Is job security one of the main reasons you stay at your current company?

9. Do you feel like looking for a new job is scarier than dealing with the day-to-day tasks required of your current role?

10. Do you often wonder if this is the best it gets?

If you answered YES to more than 6 questions:

You are definitely in the wrong job. But guess what? You should be celebrating. Why? Because you probably thought you weren't good enough at what you do. That's absolutely not the case.

Working a job that isn't meant for you is like wearing clothes that aren't the right size; you'll never be able to make it work. A wrong job is also something you can change. Now that you know what isn't working, find a job that's right for you.

If you answered YES to 3-5 questions:

You're probably in a job that is fine but not ideal. Maybe you've found a decent balance of what you like to do and what is never going to be right. If you can, try asking for some new projects or responsibilities that are aligned with your interests.

But if, over time, you see that you're answering YES to more of those questions, then you will know it's probably time to move on. But even if that happens, take heart! You're paying attention to what's right and wrong. That is a huge step forward in the direction of finding work that you love.

If you only answered YES to 2 or fewer questions:

You're in a job that seems like a great fit! Like with any job, there are probably a few things that can be tweaked to make it a bit more ideal. Try taking more ownership of your career and advocate for the work that is right for you. Given that you probably have the freedom to be proactive, you're in a great position to create a job you love!

How many times did you answer YES to the questions above? Did the results of the quiz surprise you? You may be surprised that your career woes are less mysterious than you think. After all, the right fit is absolutely essential to succeed.