Who wouldn't click on the above title? Although we all want to be more successful, the messages that society gives us about success are all wrong. In order to be truly successful you have to start thinking differently.

Society tells us that in order to be successful we need to achieve. It's often those achievements that define us to others and even to ourselves. The problem with this, is that in the process of pursing those achievements we can get caught in how good they look and forget to honor how they feel. Which is why one of the most important steps to actually be really successful - the kind of success that felt unimaginable - is to value yourself.

Seem easy? It's often one of the most neglected stepping stones to being successful. Here are three ways to change this about yourself now.

1. You need to understand who you are

One way that I guide my clients towards learning about themselves is to identify their Zone of Genius. By learning and seeing your superpower, you can begin the process of valuing it.

2. Honor who you are and start valuing it

If your superpower is dealing with people rather than data, start to see how that capability is useful for businesses and the world. Own that value, and in the process of honoring it, release any negative thoughts you may have about that. I know when I worked in a company that valued analytical thinking, I thought that was the most valuable skill set, but in reality it was just the most valuable skill set at that organization. You need to find the environments that need what you offer in order to be successful.

3. Use who you are, often

Guide your career decisions based on who you are and the value you provide. Not the other way around. Many career decisions are made based on how things look, not based on how great of a fit they are for you. Prioritize how it looks and you will never be as successful as you can be, because it's not as fun. Work has to be fun in order for you to go far. Look at Oprah and Richard Branson, do they look like they're not having fun?

Once you start truly valuing who you are, work will feel different and the success you are able to achieve will astound you.