Career advice is everywhere. In fact, anyone that has a career, which is pretty much everyone, usually considers themselves worthy of dolling out advice. Which is why it's easy to make mistakes and not be the wiser. No matter what, you want to make sure that you're not making the most common mistake that I see all of the time.

Letting fear be the driver of your career decisions.

Here are 3 ways to reverse this mistake and make sure fear is your friend

1.      When you feel fear as it relates to your job or the potential of losing it - question that fear and diagnose it:

What are you really afraid of? Is it not having another job, not making enough money, not feeling good enough? Diagnose the fear and then come up with a worst case scenario plan - especially if it's related to loss of income. Make sure that plan feels realistic, and even if not ideal, you know what you'll do in the worst case so you can stop worrying about it. If your fear is confidence related - which is often the case - realize that confidence is a muscle and you need to build it. Not leaving a bad job, asking for a raise or pursing a job search for your dream job are decisions that require confidence.

2.      When fear is connected to lack of confidence - start re-wiring your brain:

Start building confidence habits into your life. Meaning, come up with positive, realistic messages that you can use that over-ride the negative ones that are contributing to your lack of confidence. Spend some time building your self-awareness and focus on knowing your Zone of Genius. Your Genius is the thinking or problem solving that you're best at. Your Purpose is the impact that is most fulfilling to you. By understanding your Zone of Genius you can more easily see the value you possess. Seeing that value can build confidence.

3.      When you are fearful of something that you want to do - use it as a sign to push your comfort zone:

Pushing your comfort zone and doing things that scare you - in a good way - is the best way to make sure your maximizing your potential and having fun. There is a difference between fear that you should push versus fear that should be honored. When you want to do something but are scared - push it, push past that discomfort. When you feel downright scared for your life - like when you see a car coming straight towards you - that is the kind of fear that you honor. The challenge is that they can feel the same, so it's a good habit to practice pushing the fear that is connected to something that you want to do so you get more comfortable with it.

Fear is inevitable - in fact if you never experience fear then you're not human. The key is not allowing fear to take hold of you. It takes practice, and with the above steps, you'll be well on your way.