Our day to day performance is often overlooked. It's only when we are winning or really losing that we pay attention to why. We notice when we win big: when we nailed the deal, were responsive to a client, or excelled in a distinct way. Or, possibly even more frequently, we tune into when things are going downhill. Only then do we question ourselves: why are we failing?


The problem is that we have not been taught to build a habit of monitoring our performance. We are inundated with ideas, solutions and research that give us sound bites as to what really creates success--but how do we make sense of it all?


Very few people actually monitor their performance on a daily basis. And even fewer understand that optimal performance is based on five core principles. If you are able to monitor these aspects of your own performance, then you will know exactly what it takes to experience the kind of success you've been seeking.


1.     Mental and physical health

Are you feeling confident or struggling to overcome feelings of not being good enough? Are you getting enough sleep, exercising and eating healthfully?

Don't let your mind and body descend into a negative spiral. When you do the work to be conscious of your mental chatter as well as your physical wellbeing, you will see your performance soar.

2.     Impact

What impact do you have on your colleagues or your clients? Is it the kind of impact that is meaningful to you? Be honest with yourself, and assess how you affect the world around you on an on-going basis.

3.     Challenge

Are you experiencing moments when you feel that you are in the Zone at work? Do you ever feel so engaged that you lose track of time? Are you challenged, fired up, and energized by the thinking and problem solving that you are doing?

If you aren't challenged, you may be bored, which will ensure that your performance will lag.

4.     Effort

Are you developing your resilience by not being deterred by failure? Do you continually believe in yourself, even when the chips are down? Are you never willing to give up? Do you believe that with effort you can improve your capabilities, intelligence and your potential?

These are all signs of possessing a strong growth mindset and grit, two heavily researched elements that are pivotal to success. In fact, having these qualities has been proved to be more important than a high IQ.

5.     Excitement

Do you enjoy the process of achieving your goals as much if not more than the actual achievement of them?

When you achieve a goal, your brain is rewarded with a hit of dopamine. While it's easy to solely be living for the achievement of something, aiming to enjoy the process of achievement will lead to even greater results.


Monitor your performance every week with these five principles. You will soon be able to see how what work is keeping you engaged and what is not. The more energized you are with your day to day work, the more likely you will be able to achieve the kind of success you didn't think was possible.