For those of us chasing success, all it takes to convince us to click on a link is a mention of the word in a headline. Who can blame us? We think it'll offer the insight we need to get closer to achieving our dreams.

But does reading those pieces really put us on a path to success? Those articles with "success" in the headline might get more clicks, but research shows we should start paying attention to other things if we're concerned about our future. Success, it turns out, is about more than looking for outside recommendations. Instead, we need to look inside of ourselves for the answers.

As an organizational psychologist and professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, this is something Adam Grant understands. His research proved that just understanding the impact of your work improves your performance. This shows that success is not only about what we do or how we do it; success is also about why we do what we do and what impact our work has on others.

When I work with my clients, I take this a step further. I not only help them understand the impact of their work, but I also help them see it within themselves. I get them to think about the specific impact they want to have that is especially meaningful to them. In particular, I ask them, "What is the activity that you will do for free because it is endlessly motivating?"

If you're looking for more success, what you should be focusing on is finding your purpose and figuring out how to maximize your impact. Here are two quick ways to do just that in a matter of minutes.

1. Pay close attention to the moments when you feel super fulfilled.

In order to identify your purpose, you need to get some clarity. What is fulfilling you right now? When do you feel this the most?

Hone in on these moments and you'll start to understand what type of impact allows you to fulfill your purpose. Once you have that answer, you'll be able to take on more of this work that will fulfill you - thus putting you on a path to success.

2. Reflect on your past.

Are you having trouble identifying moments in which you're fulfilled? You're probably not alone. So many of us are burned out or in jobs that don't fit us or our skill sets.

Instead of looking at what you're doing right now, look back on your life. What were some of the core challenges you faced? Is there one that, when you think about it, hits you to the core? Identify it. Then start looking for ways you can help other people or organizations overcome it. Once you see that core challenge, you'll have the key to unlocking the power of endless motivation and the answer to your purpose.

Try it out and see how much closer you'll get to a successful, more fulfilled life.