Confidence is something that I would argue everyone wants. Confidence allows you to ask for what you want, and it makes your life more fun because you feel good about yourself and your worth. Yet, lack of confidence is inherent in all of us. In fact, if you haven't done the work to be more confident then you're more than likely battling low confidence, sometimes on a daily basis.

One of the keys to building your confidence muscle, because it is a muscle, is to begin the process of knowing yourself and knowing what it is that makes you special. When it comes to being confident about your abilities, I believe knowing your Zone of Genius is one of the first steps.

Here's how you can begin to pin point your Zone of Genius today:

Find Your Genius: Your Genius is the unique way you solve problems or the way you like to process information the most. To figure out your Genius, ask yourself "When was the last time you were in the Zone at work?" Meaning you lost track of time, and you were intellectually on fire. What was the thinking that you were doing in that moment? Identify that and then put a label to it, that is your genius.

Discover Your Purpose: Your Purpose is the impact that is the most meaningful to you, and is typically linked to a core emotional challenge - which is something that usually comes from the past. Think of a moment that was extremely fulfilling to you - meaning that the impact you were having was profound. How were you helping someone else in that moment? When you identify that, then think of how that impact is connected to your own story, and you will find the breadcrumbs to your purpose.

After getting a sense of what your zone of genius is, the next step is to value who you are and start getting comfortable owning it.

Part of building confidence is not wanting to be someone you're not. When you're able to see your super power - your genius and identify your purpose, you can stop questioning the value and impact that you're capable of. By seeing yourself and valuing what it is you bring to the table, you will immediately start to feel more confident. You'll be able to more easily observe the moments when what you're great at is needed and even more importantly, when you can have the impact that fulfills you. Confidence can begin by accepting who you are and then offering yourself to the world in a way that feels in alignment.