Our subconscious mind starts evaluating people the minute we meet them. Can I trust this person? Do they seem happy? Are they qualified? Reputation and how we're perceived is critical when navigating relationships and business ventures.

Want to improve yourself? Want to improve your relationships? Start by knowing your Zone of Genius, and you'll start channeling exactly how you want to be perceived.

Your Zone of Genius consists of two data points, your Genius and your Purpose. Your Genius is the unique way you solve problems or the way you like to process information the most. Your Purpose is the impact that is the most meaningful to you.

To figure out your Genius, ask yourself "When was the last time you were in the Zone at work?" Meaning you lost track of time, and you were intellectually on fire. What was the thinking that you were doing in that moment? Identify that and then put a label to it, that is your genius.

Your Purpose is linked to a core emotional challenge - which is something that usually comes from the past. Think of a moment that was extremely fulfilling to you - meaning that the impact you were having was profound. How were you helping someone else in that moment? When you identify that, then think of how that impact is connected to your own story, and you will find the breadcrumbs to your purpose.

Once you have an idea of what your Zone of Genius is you can then insure that you're using it at work. By bringing more of yourself and your Zone of Genius to your work life the joy that you will experience will cascade outward, directly affecting the way people perceive you.

Here are just a few ways tapping into your Zone of Genius will help further shape how you come across to others:

1.     Your relationships will thrive. When you're aware of yourself and know how to keep yourself challenged and fulfilled then your positive energy is contagious.

2.     You'll exude confidence. Drawing upon more than 100 interviews with professional staff in large corporations in Melbourne, New York, and Toronto, a pilot study at the University of Melbourne found clear correlation between confidence levels and occupational success. The process of identifying your Zone of Genius will allow you to easily see your superpowers and use them regularly - allowing your confidence to soar.

3.     When you enjoy work and are happy, you experience less stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety kills your health which effects your ability to manage others and show up as someone who others want to follow.

Taking the step to know yourself and bring more of it to your job and career will not only make you a happier more fulfilled person, but will increase the probability that you are seen as a leader others want to be around.