You've made it through half the year! Congratulations! But what about those goals you promised yourself you'd actually attain this year? Have you run that half marathon? Has your business taken off? Are you happier at work?

If the answers to those questions is an unequivocal no, you're not alone. Achieving goals and maintaining a routine to get there is hard work. The motivation is there, but it's a process to actually achieve the outcome you want. Below are five essential ingredients to great performance you can start measuring yourself on week-over-week. Take 15 minutes each week to check-in and measure yourself on each category. Look for ways that you're succeeding or failing in each. Then make a game plan for how to improve every week. Do this and you will tackle more of your goals throughout 2018 - guaranteed.

1. Challenge: How challenged, in a good way, are you feeling with the work that you're doing? Are you bored? If you want to get enjoyment from work, you need to be consistently challenged. If you're not, see how you can push your comfort zone more. Advocate for a new project or come up with some new ideas that get you excited and do them.

2Curiosity: Some of the most successful people in the world have fostered a habit of curiosity for the world around them. Take some inspiration from them and try getting curious in the face of differences or obstacles. The benefit of curiosity is that it keeps you in a place of being open and innovative. This is something every leader needs to be for the future of work.

3Perseverance: How do you face failures? Do you persevere or do you give up and allow yourself to fall mercy to your own self-doubt? Start being conscious of how you deal with disappointments. If you don't see them as opportunities then you're not building Grit, which is critical for success. Never giving up is important, and most of us don't realize how many times we doubt ourselves or give up on a regular basis.

4. Sleep: That probably sounds like a broken record at this point, but it's critical to improving your performance. Sleep advocate, Arianna Huffington has said that staying up too late can leave us with the cognitive impairment of a 0.05 percent blood alcohol level. If getting more sleep feels like a pipe dream, trying downloading a white noise app, or even practice meditation. I promise the extra zzzs will be worth it.

5. Confidence: Confidence is a total game changer. When you're confident, you're comfortable with your strengths, weaknesses, and how to utilize both. Confidence is a muscle that needs to be worked, and often, we are less confident than we think. Start paying attention to the negative messaging in your head that could be contributing to lack of confidence. Reversing these negative messages or not listening to them (because it's coming from you) can be a difference between a good or bad day.