In today's world of work, there are many distractions, opportunities, and things to do. A startup mentality has invaded all levels of work: an all-hands-on-deck mindset that encourages us to handle both the high-level and the nitty-gritty tasks, and be independent and self-sufficient.

As exciting as this new age of work is, it means we must be as efficient as possible. If we get bogged down in the details and the little things, we will never be able to truly engage with the work that we want to do. And with a recent Gallup poll reporting that nearly 70 percent of Americans are still not engaged in their work, some things definitely need to change.

We need to get our productivity systems in order, so that we can focus on the work that really inspires us and taps into our peak performance.

Here are 9 apps to take your business productivity to the next level.

If you're self-employed, tracking your hours takes up a lot of time. Timely App monitors everything in the background while you work. It automatically tracks everything you do in life, so you never have to think about what you worked on again, or how long you worked on it. At the end of the day, simply review and approve your timesheet, and you're done.

In the connected age, we're always meeting new people and growing our network--and this is extremely important for work. Signal is an artificial intelligence-powered app that helps you effortlessly keep in touch with everyone in your contact book. It analyzes your natural communication patterns and prioritizes whom to connect with first. No more worrying about remembering to keep in touch with everyone.

I am a big believer that breakthrough success can come simply by building the right habits into your routine. Streaks is a to-do list app that helps you easily build these habits: Pick as many as six things you'd like to integrate into your daily or weekly routine, and the app will inspire you to keep up your streak.

Proposals are a hassle, but they can make or break your sales goals. Proppy helps you build out beautiful, professional-looking proposals easily. Its dashboard keeps track of the status of all your proposals and allows for seamless collaboration across your team. Proppy also integrates well with other applications to make proposals interactive, so you can show off your best work.

This platform lets you connect your web apps, so you can automate nearly every business system that's currently eating up your time. With Zapier, you set up "Zaps" that share information and initiate actions between apps whenever there is a trigger. Businesses use Zapier to keep track of sales, add people to email lists, and to automate many other administrative tasks.

This app makes you a pro at writing and keeping track of your emails. Add Mixmax to your Gmail, and it comes with a whole suite of features: tracking, meeting scheduling, canned responses, email send scheduling, snoozing, and more. With Mixmax, your inbox is no longer a black hole, but a center of productivity.

If you're on the move a lot, looking for a good place to sit down to work can be a big time suck. Places to Work keeps a database of hundreds of thousands of locations to work worldwide. They give you all the details about Wi-Fi, power outlet access, amenities, seating, and more.

If you're on the hunt for work, resume-writing and editing is a daily task. Standard Resume helps you create a beautiful resume quickly. It takes care of the design and layout, so you just have to focus on the content. Standard Resume makes it easy to view your resume on desktop/mobile, and you can download your resume as a print-ready PDF in seconds.

This app brings you AI-generated music that optimizes your brain for the task at hand--for focus, meditation, relaxation, and more. Brain FM uses the latest research and innovation in neuroscience to bring you a science-backed listening option for your work.