Gone are the days when anyone has a clue what the world will look like 10...or even 5 years from now. And gone are the days where you could map out a detailed career plan and actually think to achieve it. These days in a matter of years, new jobs will emerge and other ones will disappear. We are in a rapidly changing climate that has proved anything is possible, and positions and even culture will leave as quickly as they arrived. In order to acclimate and embrace this change, change your perspective and think of a vision.

A vision is something that should excite you, inspire you and give you some direction. It should give you an understanding of what you'd like to accomplish and your ideal values. So if for example you have a job offer on the table that won't take you anywhere towards your ultimate vision - then you can say no. Below are some questions to get you thinking about vision. Answer them and then sit back and think - what do your answers tell you? You'll be able to come up with a short, but clear vision that will be your friend in times of change.

1.      What's working for you in your career now? What's not?

2.      What's your vision for your family life and the amount of time you spend with them versus work?

3.      What do you want your legacy to be in your current organization or industry?

4.      When do you want to retire?

5.      What does retirement mean to you? What would a day of retirement look like?

6.      Do you want to make more money? What is the lifestyle that you desire? (think about this question carefully since we know external things don't provide fulfillment or happiness)

7.      What does freedom mean to you?

8.      Do you want more authority?

9.      What level of impact is important to you? Are you looking to make a big or small footprint with your work?

10.  What kind of people do you want to be working with and for?

11.  If you are contemplating a job change, what are the absolute must-haves?