Most of us have to be on our phones for work, often during office hours and after we go home. Because we're on our phones all the time, we can start to rely on them for things like managing our to-do lists and organizing other, non-work aspects of our lives. While there's nothing wrong with that, relying on your phone for so much can make it difficult to put your phone down - even when the device is contributing to your anxiety.

You'll be relieved to know there are easy things you can do to rely less on your phone, decrease your anxiety, and boost your productivity levels.

Here's what to do if you:

1. Start to panic when you see a notification pop up on your phone.

If this is something that's stressing you out or giving you anxiety, you should try to minimize the notifications you receive. What do you absolutely need to know about as soon as it happens? In reality, the answer is probably not that much. So first, turn off any and all unnecessary notifications. This will also help boost your productivity levels because you won't be taking breaks to check your phone to see irrelevant distractions.

2. Feel like you can't be away from your phone because it's where your to-do list lives.

While apps are useful and can help us organize our lives, sometimes we rely on them too much. If something happens to our phone (or if the app crashes), you could lose everything and forget something important. It's also bad for your work-life balance if you feel like you can't ever really put your phone out of reach.

If you're feeling this way, you should start writing important things down on paper. Yes, it sounds old school, but it's actually a useful way to remember things. This is especially true if the task or event is important. When you commit to writing things down, you'll start to feel more confident in your ability to step away from your phone.

3. Find yourself wasting your time because you're playing on your phone.

There's a whole world at your fingertips, which explains why some of us feel the need to be on our phones all the time. While it's easy to get into a habit of scrolling through Facebook or Twitter or playing games, it can often become a major waste of time. And, because you're wasting time, you're not enriching your life or getting things done.

If you need more time to be productive, set dedicated times during the day (or after work) to do things like check social media. If your goal is to improve your life in some way, figure out what you'd like to do more of - reading, for example - and prioritize that over picking up your phone whenever you have a spare moment.

Try a few of these things and see if it's easier for you to put down your phone. Soon you'll be on your way to a state of higher productivity and lower anxiety.