1. Super Social

Ad-bowl’s real winners? Companies that capitalized on the big-game buzz without spending millions on pricey commercials. --Inc.com

2. Tweet Mining

Twitter is partnering with software startup 300 on tools to help music companies find acts that users of the social site are interested in. It's the latest example of how businesses can analyze Twitter data in new ways to find business opportunities. --New York Times

3. Chip Ahoy

Massive data breaches at Target and other retailers have highlighted a change long in the works to make credit and debit cards more secure by embedding them with a microchip that generates a single-use security code each time it's used. The deadline to switch--October 2015--means retailers will have to find the money to upgrade their payment technology soon. --USAToday 

4. Backing Benefits  

Senate Democrats could bring up a bill as early as this week that would restore jobless benefits for the nearly 1.4 million people who lost payments at the end of December. While the bill faces an uncertain future, a reinstatement of federal benefits could help some small businesses. --WSJ

5. Your Richard Sherman

Loudmouths sometimes don’t get the credit they actually deserve. If they’re passionate, smart and committed, publicity hounds like the Seattle Seahawks outspoken cornerback can be a net plus to your team. --USAToday

6. Executive Chops

Microsoft is expected to name insider Satya Nadella as its new CEO. The software giant’s talent search holds some guideposts for companies of any size that are filling executive positions. --Inc.com

7. 35 Is the New 30

To help mark Inc. Magazine’s 35th birthday this year, our 30 Under 30 list of hot young entrepreneurs will become 35 Under 35. The application deadline is Feb. 21, so apply today. --Inc.com