1. Endgame for "Job Lock"

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the new health care law will cause approximately two million Americans to stop working, reduce their hours, or stop looking for work. What we really want to know: How many of those two million will become entrepreneurs? --Washington Post

2. Laws of Loyalty

Customers flirting with a competing brand is little reason to worry, according to Harvard Business School research. Often it will make them even more fiercely loyal to you. So skip the discounts and other short-term loyalty gimmicks, and let customers stray. You'll win the long game by offering the best experience. --Scientific American

3. Pivot Point

Flash-sales site Gilt has had its problems, but the company's most recent move might be the most challenging yet--running logistics for other e-commerce sites. Gilt's pivot could hold a lesson on making the most of your company’s strengths and thinking outside the box. --RE/code

4. Boys Club

Where do all the women executives in Silicon Valley work? Not on tech-company boards, that's for sure. A new study shows that in the 2013 proxy season, more than 80 percent of the Silicon Valley 150 index companies had only one woman director or none at all. --Business Insider

5. On Paper

FiftyThree, the NYC startup behind the creative drawing app Paper, filed to trademark the product's moniker on Jan. 30, 2014, the same day Facebook unveiled its news-reading app of the same name. If you’re considering a generic brand name, take a big note. Meantime, Facebook may have a lawsuit on its hands. --Mashable

6. A Stand at Sochi

With the Sochi Olympics set to open Friday, the first major American company with Olympics ties has taken a stand against Russia's anti-LGBT law. AT&T is a Team USA sponsor and says the law is "harmful to a diverse society." --Mashable

7. Data Watch

After several months of significant customer-data breaches at major retailers, Congress is stepping in. A Senate bill is in the works, and Congress is hearing testimony from retail executives, regulators, and law-enforcement officials today. --Infosecurity

8. Sex, Drugs, and Startups

A ex-Googler-turned-satirist takes on the theme of startup dreams among teenagers. . . and their parents. . . and all of society, really. It's all in the form of Dad chatting with his son about peer pressure. Hilarity ensues. --McSweeney's

9. Leaner Paycheck

Though Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, made headlines last month when she became the first woman to run a major automaker, her pay is reportedly only half of what her male predecessor in the role earned. --Huffington Post

10. Tweet Peek

Twitter, criticized for its lack of profits before going public, plans to issue its first earnings report today. Check back for Inc.com’s take on its progress.