1. Beery Bureaucratic

If you think the government overregulates small business, here’s a beauty: Lakemaid Beer received a warning letter from the Federal Aviation Administration, which objects to the company's YouTube video ad showing ice fishermen getting a beer delivery via drone. "Commercial operation of such aircraft is not allowed," reads the note. --The Hill

2. M.B.A. Matchmaking

Think an M.B.A. is a waste? A new batch of startups, like HourlyNerd and SkillBridge, is helping small businesses get the expertise without the investment by connecting them with M.B.A. grads for short-term projects. --WSJ

3. Green Prewash

A working paper suggests that BP's environmentally conscious advertising campaigns before the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster made it easier for consumers to forgive the company afterward. In other words, green marketing could be a useful insurance policy should you play a role in an ecological accident. --HBR

4. Bitcoin Bet

Will Bitcoin be in wide use by 2019? High-profile venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, who has sunk $50 million into Bitcoin-related startups, has bet Reuters blogger and Bitcoin skeptic Felix Salmon that's exactly what's going to happen. The stakes of this high-profile bet are, well, surprising. --NPR

5. Privacy Politics

Opponents of the National Security Agency’s bulk data collection have some reason for optimism: In a House Judiciary Committee session, Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin), an architect of the Patriot Act, said that if the section of the law that authorizes the data collection isn’t amended, it won’t get enough votes to be renewed before it expires in June 2015. --Washington Post

6. B2B Bucks

You may not yet have heard of Domo, but its $825 million valuation should pique your interest. The business-intelligence startup raised $125 million Wednesday, putting it within arm's reach of the Billion Dollar Club and proving yet again that enterprise business--and the cloud--can draw big VC backing. --TechCrunch