1. Cybersecurity Clueless

Most CEOs are in the dark about threats to their company's IT infrastructure. A new survey shows only 20 percent of IT pros say they regularly report potential security problems, indicating a widespread communication failure that could result in serious consequences in the event of an attack. --ZDNet

2. 'Treps Take Davos

The World Economic Forum kicks off today, and not only are entrepreneurs and Valley elites, such as Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer, expected to mix with Davos regulars, but much of the summit will focus on entrepreneurial issues. --Inc.com

3. Adblocker Bolster

As if you didn't already know that your online ads aren’t reaching thousands of consumers, the popular adblocker Adblock Plus just announced it's now available for every major web browser. The extension can now be downloaded for Safari, so about 90 percent of web browsers can block your ads. --VentureBeat

4. The Power of No

Start saying no. Often. This leadership lesson is courtesy of leader du jour Yahoo's Marissa Mayer. In a review of the first-time CEO’s leadership so far, Pando Daily points to the "no factor" as the reason Yahoo isn't seeing the big turnaround it needs. --Pando Daily

5. Soft Sell

Think you'll grow your e-commerce business on the all-mighty Pinterest? Not so fast. In laying out plans for promoted pins, CEO and founder Ben Silbermann told the Wall Street Journal that Pinterest is about users discovering "things they want. And it may be a product that they buy; it may be a service that they use sometime down the line. But it's not purely transactional." --WSJ

6. Easing Eased

The Federal Reserve is expected to continue paring its bond-buying program, which had been key to its strategy to boost the economy. Time will tell whether the move will roil the bull market for stocks and rattle small-business owners’ tenuous recovery. --WSJ

7. Disruptor, Interrupted

Outbox, the startup that set out to disrupt the post office by scanning your mail and emailing it to you, is shutting down. In their farewell note, the founders offer this caution to the would-be audacious: "The main asset the government (and big companies) has it time--which is the resource of which startups have the least." --Outbox blog