Nervy Network
In an early show of faith for Jelly, Biz Stone's visual social question-and-answer app, Greylock Partners and Spark Capital contributed to its Series B round, joining such investors as Jack Dorsey, Al Gore, and even Bono. If your business doesn't have a Jelly strategy yet, it might be time to get one. --TechCrunch

Going Global
Electric-car maker Tesla says it will charge the same amount for its (super-pricey) Model S in China as it does in the U.S., not twice as much as most other car companies do there. If you sell overseas in this increasingly small world, you might consider testing this tactic. --Tesla Blog

Talent Agent
If you've been using AngelList to scout for new hires, get prepared to pay for the privilege: The company says it will now charge 10 percent of salary or .25 percent of company equity, your choice. The cash option may cost less than a recruiter, but probably more than the employee-referral program you've been relying on. --Inc.

Face Off
A day after Princeton University researchers predicted the demise of Facebook, the social network struck back with its own data-crunching experiment--predicting the end of Princeton. Brand strategists, take note: When done right, a little gentle mockery can go a long way. --LA Times 

Social Union
The White House social media campaign surrounding the President's State of the Union Address Tuesday is moving into full gear with Instagram, Twitter and even Google+ initiatives. Take a lesson in leveraging various social platforms to their advantage across a single campaign with a uniform message. --CNN

Safer Sharing
Apple released updates for its iWork apps for Mac, iOS, and iCloud. In this latest iteration, you'll finally be able to password-protect items you want to share in the cloud. --GigaOm

Math Magnet?
To inject life back into the bankrupt and ever-emptier Motor City, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder wants to bring 50,000 immigrants to Detroit, using a visa program aimed at those with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in science, business or the arts. Silicon Valley is spending millions to push for similar reforms. --NY Times

Press Pause
A survey from TiVo shows people are less likely to use the Internet to use and post to social media or look up information while watching TV compared to the rest of the week. For all the talk about interacting with customers during the Oscars or the Super Bowl on social media, maybe the "second screen" can go off your marketing radar. --Marketing Pilgrim