1. Deficit Deficit

One notable absence from President Obama’s State of the Union address last night was mention of any commitment to deficit reduction. But for that he’d need the help of Congress, so consider that can kicked further down the road. --Inc.com

2. Bitcoin Bristling

It's Day Two of New York State's Bitcoin hearings. Will there be more conflict, or will the Empire State go easy on virtual-currency startups? Stay tuned on Inc.com.

3. Crypto Pay

As the tech recruiting war rages across the U.S., you need to find an edge to persuade  talent to call your company home. How about paying in Bitcoin? A new survey shows more than half of IT pros would go for it. --Business Insider

4. Stay Classy

Local TV is still where most Americans get their news, and its popularity even increased in 2013. Don’t forget about your own Ron Burgundy when you consider marketing options. --Pew Research

5. Million-Dollar Problems

Want to win $1 million and help solve a major social issue while you're at it? Ron Conway's Smart Tech Foundation is now accepting applications from entrepreneurs who have an idea for promoting gun safety through the innovation.. --Smart Tech Foundation

6. Makeup Makers

Julep, a Seattle-based beauty-products startup backed by Will Smith, Jay Z, Andreessen Horowitz and more than $27 million, launched an online forum to crowdsource product development.This Quirky approach could catch on. --VentureBeat

7. Beyond B-and-Bs

Home- and room-rental site Airbnb plans to enter the business of online local recommendations, taking on Yelp and OpenTable. Sharing his growth strategy, CEO Brian Chesky revealed an approach worth trying out: The company will tackle its few but ambitious goals this year by creating a one-page plan that lists a project, its owner, and a target deadline. --Inc.com

8. Domain Gain

If you're in search of a new or better domain name, take heart: A slew of new extensions, including .guru and .ventures, will become available Wednesday. They'll be followed by hundreds others, with a few doled out each week starting next month. --Techcrunch

9. Fashion Cents

Tory Burch is teaming up with Bank of America to divvy out $10 million of the bank's money to women entrepreneurs looking to grow or start up. Funds will get distributed through partner Community Development Financial Institutions in 18 markets, including New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco. -WSJ