1. Public Secret

In a highly anticipated move, document-sharing company Box has filed for an IPO, according to an unnamed source. Box founder Aaron Levie, Inc.'s 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year, beat rival Dropbox to the punch. --Inc.com

2. Super Showcase

Girl-engineering toymaker GoldieBlox won Intuit's contest to give a small company a Super Bowl ad spot. Though its viral video drew a lawsuit from the Beastie Boys, you've also got to think it persuaded judges that the pink-aisle disrupter could make for a great commercial. --San Jose Mercury News

3. Marginally Better

Private-company data firm Sageworks releases its full-year report today, showing slowing small-business sales growth in 2013. Profit margins are up, however, so though you may be selling less, chances are good that you're earning more. --Inc.com

4. Tastes Crunchy

CrunchFund, the early-stage venture capital firm of TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington that invested in such startups as Airbnb and Uber, is raising another fund of about $30 million. Good news for tech startups looking for an infusion of less than $500,000. --Fortune.com

5. New Options

A new marketplace called Equidate will let startup employees cash in on their employee equity, with or without their employer’s consent, by selling contracts tied to the value of their shares. Equidate is a startup itself with just four employees, but its clients include employees at Dropbox, BitTorrent, Chartboost, and BuzzFeed. --TechCrunch

6. Micro-Cloud?

Bill Gates's rumored replacement at Microsoft, Satya Nadella, knows exactly where business is headed: right to the cloud. "It need not all be a public cloud run by one North American company. It can be a private cloud or a public cloud,” he recently said. Is your business ready? --Quartz

7. Lucky Bitcoin

For Chinese New Year today, some celebrants will be plowing their "luck money" into a business. Others are just exchanging bitcoins. --Inc.com

8. Geek Nip

How does Drew Houston attract talent to Dropbox? It's all about getting to know people first, he told a crowd at MIT. "You don’t just hand them an offer letter and say, 'Just quit your job right now,'" he said. "You sort of tastefully educate them on everything that’s going on in the company." --Technology Review

9. Matchmaker's Match

CoFoundersLab, a matchmaking service for startup founders, snapped up Wonpy, a smaller competitor still in stealth mode. The acquihire could harbinger a richer experience for founders seeking their startup soulmates. --TechCrunch