1. Twitter Means Business

Get ready to trim that sales pitch to 140 characters. Twitter is said to be nearing a deal with payments startup Stripe, and the social platform could become a full-fledged ecommerce tool. --Inc.com

2. Word to Crowdfunders

Looking to Kickstarter to raise funds for your next brilliant project? A study from Georgia Tech lists the best and worst 100 phrases for crowdfunding campaigns. --GigaOm

3. Next for Net Neutrality

In the wake of a federal appeals court decision striking down net neutrality rules, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the commission plans to act to prevent abusive practices by Internet service providers. The FCC could rewrite its rules or take other action that would keep content businesses from being charged extra for fast delivery of their Internet traffic. --Arstechnica

4. Shrinking Wearables

Google's latest moonshot is. . . "smart" contact lenses. Does this mean the dorky glasses are out? Maybe. Take note, Google Glass copycats, and really any startup working on wearable devices, the Internet of Really Tiny Things is coming. --Re/code

5. Today's Ad Fail

In a cautionary tale for businesses looking to extend word-of-mouth, a New York startup's ad campaign is backfiring. The so-subtle-they-border-on-weird subway posters for the otherwise popular payments startup Venmo are alienating some potential customers. --Valleywag

6. Raising Stakes

We've got 15 years until carbon-emissions damage is irreversible and a Soylent Green scenario becomes real, according to a draft United Nations report. The report encourages investment in clean-energy over fossil fuels and could be the boost alt-energy companies are looking for. --NYTimes

7. E-Home Invasion

A wide-scale botnet cyberattack hacked a refrigerator. That's right. The Internet of Things, including "smart" home devices including televisions and routers (and, yes, one refrigerator) fell victim to a large-scale attack that sent out 750,000 malicious email communications, according to security firm Proofpoint. --BusinessInsider Australia 

8. Budget Certainty

The Senate handily voted to approve a $1.1 billion bipartisan spending bill that would stave off another government shutdown through Sept. 30. The measure, which now heads to the President’s desk, would also shave the Small Business Administration's budget for fiscal-year 2014. --Inc.com

9. Spying Speech 

In a speech at the Justice Department today, President Obama is expected to call for a more transparent surveillance system, as well as more balance between privacy and security. He’ll also ask Congress and the courts to step up and decide what to do with the store of metadata the National Security Agency has been collecting. The NSA revelations have raised questions about a number of U.S. tech firms’ role in the controversy. --CBSNews