There are hundreds of apps designed for the beverage connoisseur. Some help users to find the perfect watering hole and others explain how to whip up a fancy cocktail right at home.

Whether you plan to head out or stay in this New Year's Eve, these six apps can help you to find the perfect holiday beverage. 


Elixr is a mobile app that's essentially photo log of cocktails, wine, and beer. Users take a picture of their drink, upload it to the app, and post where they got it and what they thought. The tagged location allows other users to discover good drinks near them. Elixr co-founder Marc LaFountain is the former VP of support at blogging site Tumblr, whose CEO has invested in the app. Elixr, which just got a redesign, is available for free for Apple and Android devices.   


Time magazine has named this drink and cocktail recipe app one of the top 50 for the iPhone. Mixology is an encyclopedia of nearly 8,000 drink recipes including cocktails, hot drinks, non-alcoholic drinks and even Jell-o shots. The app can be downloaded on Apple, Android and Windows devices. There is both a free version, which includes ads, and a paid version ($.99 for iOS devices and $1.49 for Android devices) without ads.  

Speakeasy Cocktails

Speakeasy Cocktails is an app that teaches mixology 101. It was designed by Inkling Systems, Inc., a company that publishes educational digital books. Speakeasy Cocktails includes video tutorials from mixologists from around the world who explain how to make their favorite drinks. It's available for iOS devices only and can be downloaded for $4.99. 


Here's an app for those who prefer to imbibe beer. Users can keep a beer diary with BrewGene to remember which kinds they've tried and which they've either hated or loved. Over time the app generates recommendations for users based on their previous beverage ratings. John Muggeridge conceived the idea for BrewGene when he was at a local package store and couldn't remember for the life of him which beer brands he had had and liked. He and some friends developed an app and launched it in 2009. Both Apple and Android device users can download the app for free.   

Cocktail Flow

Many Cocktail Flow users rave about the app's design, which includes photos of each cocktail. The app features a bar stock search, which lets users enter in which drink ingredients they have in the house. The app then pulls up a list of the drinks that they can make. It's is available for free in the iTunes store, but will cost Android users $2.95 and Windows users $0.99. 


Gojee, a New York-based company that curates recipes from food and drink writers, created an app just for the holiday season. It includes more than 400 food and drink ideas, including cocktails for users to whip up on New Year’s Eve night -- such as the Snowtini, Buttered Beere and Cranberry Champagne Cocktail. There are also plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from like the Vegan Pumpkin Pie Milkshake or the Nutella Hot Chocolate. Gojee is available for free in the iTunes store.