New research suggests that there's a good chance your next great employee is looking for job postings on a mobile devices. LinkedIn has been paying attention to this apparent trend, and it recently responded with a new app focused solely on the job search and application process. 

LinkedIn VP of Mobile Products Joff Redfern discussed the reason for the new release Tuesday at VentureBeat's MobileBeat 2014 conference in San Francisco. The event drew about 1,000 attendees.

If applying for a job right on your smartphone doesn't sound like something you'd personally do, you're not alone. Speaking with Redfern on stage, Ian Sherr, a senior writer at CNET News, asked Redfern if people actually apply to jobs this way. Sherr said it's not something he could see himself doing. 

Redfern responded that on the flagship mobile app alone, users view a total of about 1.5 million job postings and send out more than 44,000 job applications per day.

Recent survey results from careers site Glassdoor also indicate that a number of active job seekers are using their mobile devices in the process. The company found that almost 90 percent of people who are looking for a job plan to use their mobile device for at least some part of their search. Additionally, the survey revealed that about 20 percent of job searchers already use their mobile devices to apply to jobs. 

When Redfern and his team asked users why they use the LinkedIn app for job hunting, they got an interesting response.

"A number of people came back and said, 'I showed up to work on a Monday or Tuesday and I'm not particularly happy. I want to search for my next job, but I don't want my colleagues walking by and seeing that I'm job searching,'" Redfern said. 

In addition to being stealthy, employees are also likely use their phones hoping it gives them a competitive edge. About 60 percent of job applicants believe they have a better chance of being considered for a job if they apply as soon as it's posted. 

Published on: Jul 8, 2014