Dell, whose founder Michael Dell refers to the company as "the world's largest startup," just released a nostalgic ad aimed at tugging the heart strings of entrepreneurs. The one-minute commercial, called "Beginnings," is a compilation of location shots, showing where some of today's best known startups were born. 

"This is the story of the little room over the pizza place at 315 Chestnut Street," says the voice-over as "This Magic Moment" song plays in the background. A caption reveals that TripAdvisor began there in 2000.

The ad continues, showing the birthplaces of Skype, Under Armour, Dropbox, and more. It ends, of course, with Dell, which Michael Dell started in his college dorm room at the University of Texas. 

The commercial is part of a new business to business advertising campaign, which is line with Dell's larger effort to reach out to startups. Last month, the company also launched a $300 million Strategic Innovation Venture Fund to be used to invest in early and growth-stage companies. 

Apparently, Dell hopes to remind customers that like most startups, the company came from humble beginnings, too.

Michael Dell and investment firm Silver Lake Partners acquired Dell for $24.9 billion last September. As the company's CEO, Michael Dell has said he hopes to change the Dell's focus from PCs to providing software and services for business, according to the New York Times.