Despite the upstart HBO series's audacious attempt to unseat an incumbent, Silicon Valley did not manage to take home the Emmy Award for best comedy series last night. 

Silicon Valley, along with The Big Bang TheoryLouieOrange Is the New Black, and Veep, lost out to Modern Family for the award. The ABC sitcom took home the top comedy series award for the fifth time, tying it with Frasier for the all-time high in that category. 

Silicon Valley premiered on HBO in April and has since been renewed for a second season. The show follows the wonderfully awkward Richard (Thomas Middleditch) as he cluelessly tries to turn the algorithm he developed into a viable business. 

Office Space and Beavis and Butt-Head fans tuned in to see the latest from creator Mike Judge, but they stayed to watch Richard and his impeccably casted startup crew stumble through the process. 

Part of the reason the show has been so well-received is how accurately it depicts the most entertaining aspects of an industry that is so hard to adapt to the small screen. (Other recent television series--like Betas and Halt and Catch Fire--arguably have been less successful.) After all, software engineers tend to spend the majority of their days staring at their computer screens, Silicon Valley Director Alec Berg pointed out. 

But the show focuses on the ridiculous and true-to-life situations that happen outside of the proverbial startup garage. 

"We heard a story about Sergey [Brin] and Larry [Page] getting a check written to them, their very first seed check for a hundred thousand dollars, made out to Google Inc., which apparently they couldn't cash for two weeks because they didn't own the name or have it registered yet," Berg has told IncRichard had a similar experience when he unsuccessfully tried to deposit a fat check from a VC firm into his personal bank account. 

Silicon Valley picked up five other Emmy nominations this year, but did not get a win. But while the series isn't technically an award-winning product yet, something tells us that the comedy category is ripe for disruption.