To get the most out of your very limited time, you'll need to set some clear boundaries, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk advises. 

Vaynerchuk is the cofounder of content strategy company VaynerMedia. He spends most of his week -- 7 am until 11 pm Mondays through Fridays -- focused on his business. But when the weekend rolls around, it's all about his family, he says.

"The magic is in the extremities," Vaynerchuk says, adding that the delineation allows him to dedicate the most attention to both priorities. 

For Vaynerchuk, the tension between these two worlds is also ameliorated by the fact that he has a very understanding family. This was something he identified as important to him as early as his third date with his now-wife, Lizzie. 

It was then he told her that he was a workaholic. If they ever had kids, he might have to choose a meeting in Tokyo over a dance recital, he said. 

"Sometimes I won't. But sometimes I will. And you need to be cool with that. And she was cool with that," Vaynerchuk recalls.

Still, juggling work and family life is a constant a struggle, Vaynerchuk acknowledges. "This is a very personal thing for all of us," he says.

To hear more about Vaynerchuk prioritization strategies, check out the video below.