Every year, Inc. aims to uncover the best entrepreneurial stories and discuss a range of issues that impact the small business community. Some stories hit home more than others and circulate among readers throughout the year.

Below are the top 10 most popular stories of the year (calculated by number of clicks).

From the University of California Berkeley on the West Coast to the University of Pennsylvania on the East, this slideshow rounds up the most intriguing undergrad-founded startups across the country. They include a chocolatier, a philanthropy-minded scarf company, a speech therapy app developer and more. 

Inc. published this post almost exactly a year ago and it's been a top hit ever since. In the piece, Inc. contributor Geoffrey James lists 12 timeless quotes for inspiration. Be sure to scroll to the comments section where more than 500 readers chime in with their own additions to the list.

For an idea of the new technology advancements that might impact your company's 2014, take a look at the products and ideas that debuted in 2013. From the Firefox mobile operating system to the rumored Amazon smartphone, these are some products to keep an eye on.

In his best-selling book Thinking Fast and Slow psychologist Daniel Kahneman describes two ways that humans form thoughts: through System One, an instinctive and fast-reacting system, and through System Two, which is slower and more logical. In this video, Kahneman sits down with Inc.'s Editor-in-Chief Eric Schurenberg to explain how these two systems apply to business decision making.

Inc. contributor Les McKeown advises companies on their growth strategies for a living. Part of that involves coaching executives on how to identify candidates within the company for leadership positions. In this article, McKeown identifies three phrases that, when said by employees, are indicative of great leadership potential.

Where should you look to find the most ambitious new grads? London-based ViewsOn You, creator of a web-based recruiting tool, published a list of suggestions. The company says these schools graduate students with the greatest "desire for success and career advancement." Hint: the majority of them are not Ivy Leagues.

As founder of rapidly growing company with more than 6,700 affiliate locations, Greg Glassman must constantly fight to protect the CrossFit brand. This article, which appeared in Inc.'s July/August magazine issue, gets the back story and reveals how Glassman's rough-and-tumble approach to just about every thing in his life serves him in business.

This short but sweet article points out what executives and their employees already know to be true: it's easier to spring out of bed in the morning when you have a great job to go to. But rather than get right to work, sometimes it's more productive to reserve the morning hours for other daily tasks.

Now is as good a time as any to give a colleague -- or yourself -- with a great book. For this slide show Inc. contributor Jeff Haden compiled a list of this year's best books for inspiration in business.

This surprising interview topic will reveal a lot about the candidates vying for your open leadership position: simply ask them about the last person they fired. This article explains why the answer reveals almost everything you need to know about his or her leadership abilities.