You're not planning on coming into the office Friday empty-handed, are you? Almost as bad as that faux pas, however, is showing up with the wrong Halloween candy. So what should you bring? That depends on where you're located.

The savings site, SumoCoupon, did some Google search analysis to figure out which states are discussing what candies this season. According to the results, this Halloween the residents of Alaska, Washington D.C., and Maine have one thing in common: They're all craving Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

In some locations, it isn't the usual trick-or-treating fare that people are after. Californians are hoping for some waxed lips, and New Mexico residents--bizarrely--just want some shiny new pencils.

Avoid ghoulish appetites in the office this Friday. Check out the infographic below from SumoCoupon for some hints on what treats you might want to have around. 

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