After pouring your heart and soul into your startup, it's practically impossible to feel emotionally disconnected from it--especially during the difficult times. 

But that is precisely when it's important to remember that you are defined by much more than your company's success, says Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler.

"The highs are really high and the lows are really low. So to have some sense that yes, you are driving this, but also it's you sitting in a seat. You--as a person that was raised by your parents and is loved by your friends--is someone that's slightly separate from that," he says. 

Strickler added that there's no way to predict all that will go wrong with your company form the outset. For this reason, it's important establish a guiding set of personal principles before you even start. 

"You're going to run into so many things that you've never encountered, never anticipated. And for each of those, you're going to need to return to some sort of true North," Strickler says. Without that, it will be difficult to make decisions in the middle of an already stressful situation. 

"I think that can give you the confidence and mental capacity to keep that energy up and continue to operate at the right level," he says.

For more tips on how to keep it together when everything feels like it's going wrong, check out the video below.