Growing up under meditation guru Deepak Chopra's roof, Mallika Chopra was uninterested in her dad's teachings for the most part. 

"To be honest, I never had much trauma in my life, so I never cared about the work that my dad did," Mallika Chopra laughs. 

But somewhere in between becoming a mother and a founder, that changed. The two roles added a whole new level of responsibility and complexity to her life. So now, Chopra, founder of lifestyle website, doesn't go a day without practicing her own personal form of meditation. 

"If I state my intent every morning -- one of the common ones is to maintain a sense of serenity in the midst of chaos -- it's an anchor that kind of grounds me for the whole day," she explains.

"Things may go crazy, you know, I may have a meeting planned and then I get a call from school that my daughter's not feeling well," she says. "But again, having stated that intent in the morning, I come back to it."

Chopra recommends the ritual for individuals, but says you can also apply a similar kind of mindfulness to your business. 

"What is your company's intent? What is that deeper goal, that deeper aspiration that's driving you personally to do what you're doing? Oftentimes people don't say it's to make money. It's to do something else," Chopra says. 

For more on how meditation can help to elucidate your company's mission, check out the video below.