The act of starting a business requires founders to have passion, hope, and desire, but leading a company is the act of inspire those same sentiments in others.

Just ask OpenSky founder John Caplan, who is also the former CEO of Ford Models and former president of the About Network. At each of these companies, Caplan learned that successful businesses are the ones that utilize their employees' full potential. And as a leader, it's up to you to unlock it, he says.

"The best leaders I can think of are the conductors of orchestras. If you go to the New York Philharmonic, the conductor's back is to the audience and the people making the music, you can see," Caplan explains. 

"That's really the role of being a great leader--being able to help other people make the music that builds the business that you are creating."

After all, the best way to create a great company is to convince others to help you do it, Caplan says.

For more on team building and motivation, check out the video below.