According to new social media data released this week, Facebook and Pinterest are by far the top traffic-referrers to online publishers. 

But that’s not the unexpected part: Apparently, Pinterest drives more traffic than Linkedin, Google+, Reddit, and Twitter combined.

The findings come from Shareaholic, a company that builds content-analyzing tools for publishers. The company collected data from 200,000 publishers over the course of 13 months. 

The study found that Facebook made up 10 percent of the traffic of the surveyed publishers, while Pinterest accounted for 3.24 percent.

Twitter’s share came to just 1.17 percent. That said, Twitter showed the most growth of the social media sites with its share of overall referrals increasing 54.12 percent from September 2012 to September 2013. 

Also surprising is that Google+ referred a fair number of readers to other parts of the web. The social networking site’s 13-month average share of referred visits was 0.06 percent, only 0.01 percent shy of LinkedIn’s 13-month average. 

As for social sharing sites that appear to having a waning influence when it comes to referrals, StumbleUpon and Reddit fall in that category. The report said they experienced negative 27.47 percent and 35.16 percent growth respectively.